Why gets simple tv-knitting boring?

Who can explain this to me? I like having a simple tv-knitting project. When I’ve finished one I can’t wait to start the next one. Still, once I’m knitting on a simple project I always find myself getting bored. At first progress is going fast but after a while it feels more like a chore than relaxing knitting while watching a movie or series. The closer I get to binding off, the more I dread finishing my project. Sometimes I even cant’t be bothered to pick up my knitting needles. And so time goes by.


For example thisĀ aurora inspired scarf. I’ve started knitting one on 10 February this year. In yardage it’s a big project. The first half (800 meters) was knitted in two months. Then things slowed down and derailed. In the meantime I’ve finished one bag, finished knitting another bag that needs sewing, did some minor things on other projects. But still the scarf needs finishing. I estimate there is about 20% left to knit.

This isn’t the first time I’ve run into this lack of motivation. I’ve created this situation where I have to much WIP’s* lingering around. Some are started over five years ago! Plan of this week was to takle my WIP’s. Going through each of them I was hoping that I didn’t like the projects anymore so I could rip them. Strangely I still want to finish them. So why haven’t I? Is it the thrill of starting a project? I know I want to finish this scarf so I can start another one. Am I the only one drowning in unfinished projects? Anybody suggestions on how to get myself motivated to actually finish all of them?

Love VanaChoo

* WIP means Work in Progress, or unfinished project.





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