Happy Tuesday: Happy people

18-timeless-secrets-of-happy-people┬áThis is so true. I was having a normal ordinary day. I had a good start of the day and felt energetic. In my work with people this is so important. The way I react to people defines mostly the way they react back to me. When I’m looking down and I’m silent people will react in the same way. So when I’m having fun and laughing honestly, people will respond to that. And the world seems to be a bit brighter, at least in my little corner of the world.

My behavior has to be real. Acting fun and delightful isn’t an option. People will see through that and see this as fake. Or at least not authentic. So, for me is a positive attitude very important.

The best part of my work for me is making contact with other people. So back to my ordinary day. I was doing my thing when a lady said:”You’re never gonna guess what I’m going to do today”. She was smiling a lot so I said tell me I’m probably never going to guess it. She told me how her family tricked her in the car to a surprise destination. Only when they left the freeway in the direction of the airport she had a clue. Her son was coming from Vietnam? Waiting in front of the gate she was anticipating her son. Can you imagine her surprise when her son came trough the door and with him his wife and children? I can. It made me smile. It made the lady more than happy. And still. It was three days later when she told me about it and she was glowing with joy. That kind of happiness is contagious. When I was enjoying my coffee and apple, my colleague asked me what made me smile. So I told her this story. Funny how someone else’s happiness can brighten up a day.

Love VanaChoo


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