Dutch Dress red day 2016

Red is a beautiful color so why not wear it today!

Last year I told you guys about my mom and her heart condition. Mom’s got her second ICD and that really helps to improve quality of life. We are so grateful for the scientists who make this possible. More information about ICD can be found on this page.

Today it’s dress red day to raise awareness. This year I want to focus on the following. Most studies and treatments were based on results shown by men. But today we know heart problems can be different for men and women so we need to have more studies to learn the differences in heart conditions between men and women. So understanding more about the difference between men and women is not only important to save our relationships ;), but more so because it can save lives.

The Heart Truth® created and introduced the Red Dress® as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness in 2002 to remind women of the need to protect their heart health, and inspire them to take action. National Wear Red Day promotes the symbol and provides an opportunity for everyone—men and women alike—to unite in this life-saving awareness-to-action movement by wearing anything and everything red!

Feature image Dress Red Day


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