“People say I’m a dreamer…

…but I’m not the only one.”

Every year in Holland we have something called The Glass House. A couple of radio DJ’s from 3FM live the last week before Christmas in a glass box, this year in Breda. The DJ’s don’t eat (they drink juices to keep healthy) and play songs in exchange for money (Serious Request). Not for themselves but for the silent disasters in the world. The money they raise goes to the Red Cross. This years silent disaster is pneumonia. Every 35 seconds a child dies because of pneumonia. More information about living healthy can prevent pneumonia, more money can buy medication and ways to transport children to hospitals and clinics. Every year lots of people take action to raise money for The Glass House and the Red Cross. From baking cupcakes to working for a donation. Many children try to collect as much money as they can. Needless to say this is a great way to show and feel the spirit of Christmas. Especially nowadays, when sometimes the world seems mad. War and terror, the news is filled with problems and negative news. In this world a little boy, only 6 years old binds a dived country.

Tijn is terminally ill (he suffers from brain cancer) and has one last wish: he wants to raise as much money as possible to help other children. He supports 3FM Serious Request and he wants to help to prevent that children die from pneumonia: “Most of the poor kids infected with pneumonia don’t even live to be five years old. That is why we’re standing up to fight.” And that is why he showed up at the Glass House  with a request: he wants to paint nails to raise funds for 3FM Serious Request. Tijn asks people to donate €1 every time he paints someone’s nails. However, anyone can participate. And many people do so. Tijn wanted to collect €100,-, when I’m writing this he has raised more than one and a half million euros, and counting. This little boy is a true inspiration for a nation and the whole world. He teaches us to be kind and thoughtful of others. He’s a source of light and hope in this mad world. Not only Tijn is painting nails. He has a country painting their nails and donating money to the Red Cross. And every time I see his big smile I feel my tears burning. Unbelievable that this beautiful child is going to die. So here I am, painting my nails and donating through Tijn.


Never before has one person raised so much money. Do you want to help Tijn raise money and make his ‘small’ contribution memorable? Paint your nails, make a donation, and challenge three of your friends to do the same by tagging them in your social media post. If you donate, share a picture of your painted nails using the hashtags #lakaan (which literally translates to ‘paint on’) and #SR16. Click here to make a donation to Tijn from outside The Netherlands all the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

Whether you donate or not, I hope that Tijn can be an inspiration for all of us. He makes me dream of a better world.

Love VanaChoo




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