WIP-Wednesday: my first blanket

I was knitting with my Knitpro interchangeable needles when my cable broke. So I went online, searched needles but with only € 3,- for a cable I didn’t want to pay postage costs. In a whim I went to a semi local yarn store on the small change they still did sell Knitpro cables. And they did! The lady running this shop is always kind and welcoming. I think that is one of the most important things in a yarn shop. To bad this shop doesn’t have a website or Facebook page.

Anyway, I found the cable needed but as usual something else travels home with me. I can’t help it, or so it seems. Sometimes it’s the color, sometimes the petting of the soft yarns seduces me to buy more than planned. In this case it was a big bal of Big to Knit by Katia that sneaked into my shopping cart. I had just gone over my existing WIP’s and there wasn’t one that I felt like completing now. Not feeling the love right now I decided that starting something new in this case wouldn’t be a terrible thing to do. Hence the Big to knit. I love the colors, blue, grew, camel and neutrals, they fit perfect in my living room. Although I’m still a fan of bold bright colors, I appreciate the calming color scheme.


The pattern with this yarn is for a blanket but I guess it will me more like a throw. There is also a pattern included for a poncho but I’m not a poncho kind of girl. Following the blanket pattern would mean knitting three parts and sew them together. I dislike sewing and was afraid of ugly color changes because of the sewing. So I decided to knit the blanket as one piece. So far that seems like a great idea but I might change my opinion as the blanket grows. 😀 For now it seems worth it not to have to sew. This is what I’ve got so far. Just enough to read the pattern in the knitting.


I’m ready to start with the cable so bye for now.

Love VanaChoo


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