Time for some numbers 2016

Every year I start by crunching the numbers on my stash. This year it’s a bit later than usual but I wanted to get perspective before I go to the craft fair in Zwolle next weekend. Plan is to buy some stuff but not more than I will knit up in the near future. If you’re anything like me that’s easier said than done. My stash nowadays consists for the most part out of things I’ve bought when I started knitting. Falling out of love with most of my stash I know that I should part with it. But sometimes they come in handy, more than once those odd balls saved a project. So I’m parting up and giving up and using up stash way more slowly than when I started counting in 2013.

Back then I wanted to coldsheep as much as possible. That means, not buy yarn but knit from stash. I learned that although there is still enough stash yarn planned with a project, I  buy new yarn to boost creativity. So in fact I need to be more moderate merino with a balance between what comes in and what comes out. But knowing me, when I consider myself moderate I tend to shift into a buying frenzy. You know, history predicting the future… 😉 I need to keep control. There will be new purchases in 2017 but  I want to end the year with less stash than I start it. Which wasn’t the case in 2016 unfortunately.

Looking back I’ve knitted in 2016 less than I would have liked. I’ve been busy with so many other things, mostly work stuff, that most of the time I didn’t feel crafty. A few things I’ve bought are still waiting finishing. Here’s the result of the last four years.


The amount of stash didn’t change much. Going through all my WIP’s * was confronting. Some have been with me for way to long and I don’t want to knit on them right now. Still I want to finish them someday. No frogging for me at this point.

I will keep tracking progress in 2017 because I like seeing the facts:

To get a clear start for 2014 2015  2016 2017 I have:

  • number of WIP’s*: 14, 8, 7, 10,
  • number of projects in deep hibernation: ?, 5, 3, 3,
  • number of finished projects: 68, 93, 113, 119,
  • number of stash entry’s in Ravelry: 59, 62, 52, 52,
  • Total meters in stash: 11.399,1  11.281,1  8.461,8, 8.952,9,
  • Total meters in projects: ?, 21.652, 27.122, 30.693,

Let’s see what the rest of 2017 will bring to us. Hopefully it will be a great crafting year!

Love VanaChoo

* WIP means work in progress.


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