WIP Wednesday: blanket dilemma

Last week I wrote about knitting a blanket. Instead of knitting three parts and sew them together I wanted to knit the blanket in one piece. So far so good. Unfortunately I’m running into a problem of color pooling. The middle part is beautiful. Both sides show only two of the four colors. Not so beautiful :(.


What to do, what to do? After knitting one cable pattern I decided to frog and start over. I measured the yarn needed for one row, divided in two, leaving a longer tail casting on. Thinking this would break the pooling colors I almost whistled starting over. Only to get the same problem.


Should I try again? This time starting midway between the first and second attempt slip stitch. Or should I forget knitting the blanket in one piece? Just knit the separate pieces and sew them following the pattern.

What would you do? I’d love to hear someones opinion on the matter. For tonight I’ll put this aside and sleep on it. Maybe things will look better in the morning.

Love VanaChoo


One thought on “WIP Wednesday: blanket dilemma

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