Catch of the craft fair in Zwolle 2017

Last Friday I went to the craft fair in Zwolle. A whole day of petting yarn, searching new brands, talking to people who love their (hand dyed) yarns. I feel inspired and want to spent my weekend knitting.

So on to the fun part. What did I buy? First I want to mention that I did manage to keep my self control. Making a list and checking it over and over again before deciding what to buy was key. Here’s my modest catch:

IMG_1451.JPG Seeing all those lovely yarns and socks many knitters display on their blogs and vlogs convinced me. Knitting socks will be fun. On my list was one hank beautiful sock yarn and for that needles. I love my Addi bamboo needles so I wanted more sizes. And I want to try knitting socks on circular needles. Almost everything I knit is knitted on my circular needles. Bought one size of the brand ChiaoGoo just for trying out. Maybe magic loop or double pointed needles are the way to go. I won’t know until I try it all. Off course I’ll write about my experiences.

Sockyarn of my choice was Drachenwolle Ein und Alles. Why this one out of hundreds of hanks available at the fair? Color! I just fell head over heels in love with the colors. Blue, purple, pink, green in different shades. Just one intense burst of color. Socks out of this yarn will brighten up even the most boring days, outfit wise. To show off the colors I’m planning to knit plain vanilla socks.

Further on my list was some lovely hand dyed yarn. One of the first stands I visited was the stand from Craftfulness. You can find her on etsy. Her yarn caught my eye but I didn’t want to buy first and be sorry later. After my first round petting beautiful yarns, I still wanted yarn form Craftfulness. It felt a bit like some of my shopping trips. Seeing something nice, still want to look more for something that might be better, ending the day buying what I saw in one of the first shops. I decided to go back and I bought some lovely merino (80%) wool, 100 gram/400 meter in the color ‘Waddenzee’. (Waddenzee is a part of the North sea between the main land and the islands in the north.) How to describe the colors is difficult. Different shades of green, yellow, purple from blue-purple to almost brown-purple. Some lighter parts. I think this will be a lovely shawl. Spent sometime searching patterns on Ravelry. Deciding which one it will be when I’m ready to cast one.

Not in the picture but a small catch on the side was a skein big acrylic navy blue yarn to make a cozy for my tablet. Casted on last night I only need to finish it (sewing in ends and sewing the bottom.) That’s a subject for next time.

Well, that’s all for today. I’m off to wind the hanks into balls.

Love VanaChoo


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