Knitting with dpn’s

Today a short break from knitting my blanket. It’s growing on me, literally. I’ll blog about it when it’s finished. Probably that won’t be long from now.

A small project is always nice  between the bigger projects. Sock knitting is one of the smaller projects, especially when it’s baby socks. To me, knitting with dpns always seemed like a big hassle. In the past I’ve knitted hats and hated the part where I had to use double pointed needles. And that was only the last part of the project. Maybe part of the dislike was caused by the needles I had. Those were slippery cheap needles bought at some dollar store. Since I have my DyakCraft needles I prefer knitting with wooden needles and my other needles tend to stay mostly in there place. So when I needed dpns for a small project I bought Addi bamboe dpns.  One of my better ideas if I say so myself. Knitting the I-cord needed was no trouble. The feeling of the yarn, be it cheap acrylics, on the wood was so much better than before. After that was done it was time to try cotton which also felt nice. So nice that I decided to try something new: knitting socks. Now don’t get to exited. It’s not that I’m knitting beautiful socks. I’m just knitting baby socks to make a bunting out of my cotton yarn stash.

Please don’t be too critic about the heel part. I’m still learning the basics to sock knitting. And picking up stitches…well, I guess I’ll have to watch some tutorials to be better at it. But for now, knitting on dpns is victory enough for one week. The sock is flying off the needle, without falling off. 😀 With this in mind I’ve bought two more sizes dps. I’m excited to more hand knit socks in my future.

Love VanaChoo


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