WIP-Wednesday: Craftfulness shawl

At the craft fair in Zwolle I bought yarn from Craftfulness. Sandra was very kind and her yarn is super delicious. She has her own shop on Etsy. Definitely worth a visit. Anyway I bought 2 skeins lovely merino (80%) wool, 100 gram/400 meter in the color ‘Waddenzee’. (Waddenzee is a part of the North sea between the main land and the islands in the north.) How to describe the colors is difficult. Different shades of green, yellow, purple from blue-purple to almost brown-purple. Some lighter parts. I can keep rambling on about the colors. I showed my mom the yarn I purchased and she said “that’s nice”. And I was like that’s nice? Thats nice? Don’t you just love the colors? And feel how soft this feels! I think only a fellow knitter will understand my love for yarny things. I’ve started a shawl with this yarn. Knitting this yarn with my Dyakcraft Darn pretty wooden needles somehow makes me wanna slowdown. I caught myself not wanting to fly through the knitting. Just enjoying the process of making the shawl is enough fun. Even though I want to wear the finished shawl! For me this is a new experience. Enjoying knitting is not new but before I always had my eye on the finished object. Now the knitting part seems good enough for now.

sm_3_small2Deciding what kind of shawl wasn’t easy. Ravelry has so many lovely patterns. A few hours later I did find a pattern that really spoke to me. And my queue has grown a lot with planned future knits!  Chosen pattern is September morning by Jana Huck. The triangular shawl combines texture and eyelets with plain stockinette stitch. This close up picture from her Ravelry page shows the pattern a bit. I think this will showcase the yarn beautifully, not being to busy or to plain. And not bad either is that this pattern is free. Thank you Jana! The pattern isn’t difficult but somehow I can’t seem to keep M1R en M1L apart. While I have my little cheat tag it will be all right. Don’t know why I can’t memorize the distinction but I’ll learn to accept.

img_1471_medium2So far I’ve finished three stripes and I like what is growing on my needles. While writing I tend to keep looking at my knitting which means that it’s time to stop writing and get on with the knitting 😀 As always you can also keep track on this project on Ravelry.


Love VanaChoo



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