That’s the way I like to knit

I came across this article about knitting while watching Netflix. Total recognition. I’ve red about people who read and knit at the same time. For the life of me I can’t combine those two hobby’s. It’s difficult to get sucked into the story and still concentrate on the knitting. So now I read or knit.

Knitting I can combine with another hobby: watching movies and series. Knitting while watching has some great benefits. When my hands are busy it’s less likely to eat popcorn, chips, chocolate or licorice. So yeah on the bad habits part. Also it lessens the guilty feeling of not doing anything besides hanging on the couch. I’m no couch-potato, I’m busy! If the screen needs my attention, my knitting gets a short break. And those short breaks are needed in marathon knitting sessions.

What kind of knitting can be done while watching? Preferably not too difficult. I’ve knitted a throw in no time, a simple repetitive cable pattern. Some plain shawls are easy. But I like those triangular shaped ones. In the beginning attention is needed. Once on the way, the rows get longer, the pattern better to read, watching something is no problem. Not too difficult lace is great and doesn’t get boring. When the pattern is less complicated there is more room to play with colors which stimulates me to keep knitting. Just one more row, only one more episode. And that way marathon sessions are born.

What do I like to watch while knitting? Depends on the mood and day. Some days I just want some chick-flick or Hallmark movie or show. Other days I’m in the mood for comedy, musical, action, adventure, thriller. I hate horror and I’m picky when it comes to fantasy. Other than that I like to try new stuff. My favorite Sunday is waking up slowly, read a bit. Enjoy breakfast, pick something to watch and knit all day until diner. After that I go to my dance lessons. A perfect day to enjoy all my favorite hobby’s in a zen state of mind. Today is one of those lazy Sundays. I added a diner with my closest friends. Hopefully your Sunday is just as perfect as mine was.

Love VanaChoo


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