WIP-Wednesday: my first socks

Wednesday is most of the weeks my day off work. Today is a fantastic spring day. The sun is shinning and the temperature is climbing up. So a very happy day for me to be free. The only thing I really had to do was to vote. Today is election day in the Netherlands and we’re voting for the biggest part of our parliament. So I did that, did some only shopping and knit on my first adult sized sock. Yeah!

IMG_1492For this sort of test run I didn’t want to use my pretty Drachenwolle yarn.  I’m not a great fan of swatching.  I understand the need for garments and socks but because I’m mostly a bag-and-shawl-knitter I rarely swatch.  I plan to knit the socks on different needle sizes to compare the look and size. When I find the best size I’ll use the Drachenwolle. So for now I bought Katia socks Bombay in my local yarn store. A superwash 41% cotton /39% wool / 13% polyamide / 7% polyester blend. The striping effect looks better in real life than it did on the ball band. Casted on last Friday and knitted until the heel. Today I took time for the heel and it was way much easier than anticipated. Knitting the foot part is a bit knitting in the dark. I’m not sure how long it needs to be. With a bit trial and error I’ll find the answer. For now, not sure about the fit, it’s looking good.


This pattern is by Anneh Fletcher and called Vanilla is the new Black. This paid pattern on Ravelry was recommended in one off the podcasts I’ve watched lately. Can’t remember which one. Anyway recommend because of the heel fit, chosen because of the look. Starting knitting the sock I thought the heel part was going to be difficult but the pattern is quite clear. Once in the pattern I didn’t need to look at it every row. Can’t wait to finish the foot and try fit of the sock.

As always, more info can be found on my Ravelry page.

Love VanaChoo


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