Amazing King’s day

Koningsdag-1Here in the Netherlands we have a tradition on the 27th of April called ‘Koningsdag’ or in English King’s day. On that day most people don’t work. Our king and queen visit a city or town to celebrate the king’s birthday. A big part of the royal family accompanies them. The visited town goes out of it’s way to present them self with a program filled with activities and music. Many people fill the streets and many more watch the whole thing on TV. And that was me. Knitting while watching the royal family on TV. This year the family visited Tilburg which is know for their textile industries among other things. At some point there where two guys knitting a red-white-blue (colors of our flag) and orange scarf. Orange because the royal family is called ‘of Orange’. The whole country colors orange when we have a big sport event. So an orange scarf. These guys thought to learn our queen Máxima to knit. How funny was it when she commented the knitting already done. The stitches were so tight she could hardly move them across the needle. For everyone who like to see it here‘s a short clip. Just a fun way to see knitting in the media.


Today I started knitting on a new shawl.


No orange here. Just red-white-blue inspired. The pattern is by Joji Locatelli and called Amazing day.  Started last Thursday and today I picked it up for a while. The shawl is bunched up on the needles so it’s hard to see that the first two wedges are done. Can’t tell you too much because it’s a paid for pattern. But I like this pattern because it’s easy to memorize and easy to read where I’am in the pattern. Perfect to combine knitting with something else.

Garnstudio’s Drops Flora is the yarn of choice. A fingering weight, 65% wool and 35% alpaca. Sturdy because of the wool, but softer with the added alpaca. One of my favorite yarns at the moment.

As always, more info can be found on my Ravelry-page. Happy knitting to you all!

Love VanaChoo


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