Finishing and blocking

As much as I like knitting, I drag the part of finishing after the knitting part is done. I have multiple shawls waiting to be blocked. More than than one WIP is only a WIP because the ends aren’t sewn in. Wanting to use the shawl or whatever seems to be the only thing that get’s me to properly finish a project. Since the weather is turning into lovely spring temperatures most shawls will not be used before autumn.

Breaking this cycle will not be easy. Weaving in ends is okay but I really don’t feel like sitting on the floor, pinning millions of pins in order to block a shawl. When I eventually get past this dreaded pinning part, the project needs time to dry. In my small office it’s working around the blocking space.

Most of these excuses can’t be worked around. I’ll just have to deal with it and stop complaining and start blocking. To make things a bit easier I bought a Lace blocking wire kit from Knitpro, ordered from  Ordered one day, delivered the next. Great service and no more procrastination in my future, I hope.

IMG_1535Blocking the last shawl I finished this week, I have to say these wires make blocking and pinning so much easier. I still have to sit on the floor. And it still takes time. But the wires work quicker and the lines are better shaped than when I used pins alone. I think this better result will motivate me to catch up with blocking and finishing. Cross my fingers.

Am I the only one who leaves projects to long unloved and unfinished? Meanwhile I’m watching the yarn to dry 😀

Love VanaChoo


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